Worship Ministry

Honoring God should be the first priority of our lives. When we “worship,” we acknowledge in relationship with God that He is the one who should be honored. Worship is the act of recognizing and acting upon who God is—how great, how mighty, how infinite is the Lord! While worship usually includes music, we recognize that worship also includes the gathering of God’s people for His glory, the verse-by-verse study of His words, and times of prayer and fellowship. The main opportunity for worship at Park Hill is our Sunday morning gathering, at 10:30 a.m. in the A-frame section of the building.
When one of our two rotating worship teams leads our singing, we strive to sing with full hearts and true motives, giving of our best to give God the glory. Our worship music seeks first and foremost to accurately communicate to our hearts the truths of God and provide a means for our hearts to be made aware of the blessing of relationship with Him. This allows flexibility in style, since a blended worship service using both hymns and  contemporary songs, both traditional and modern instruments, shifts our focus away from ourselves as individuals and onto the church family coming together in praise of Almighty God.
On Fifth Sundays, our regular worship teams take a break and special ensembles from within the congregation take the lead for our music.

 In a Worship Gathering

Although the individual events within one of our worship gatherings differ from week to week, there are a few constant functions of our time spent in worship. Some functions may take only a few minutes, while other parts may be longer. In general, expect that our gathering will end around 12:00 Noon. These functions are:


Having come together from different occupations, schedules, and seasons of life, the Welcome function of our worship is the time when we gather for the common goal of worshiping God together. Some form of welcome starts every Sunday worship.


Whether in a committed short reading of Scripture to focus our hearts or in a more detailed explanation of Scripture by Pastor Seth, every worship gathering has an aim to teach us what we can know about God from the Bible. As we come to understand God, we also learn from Scripture about how we relate to God.


Fellowship is a means of encouraging each other from what God is doing in our lives. Our time of fellowship may feature welcoming new believers in testimony and baptism, taking the Lord’s Supper together, response to the teaching, and/or focused prayer.


We know that we will not be gathered together for all 168 hours of a week. God is in command of all of our time, not just Sunday morning. For this reason, we always include some form of reminder or direction for when we are living our lives outside of this gathering.