What to Expect

At Park Hill Baptist Church, you can expect to be warmly welcomed by a body of believers from all backgrounds and walks of life. If you are new to our church or to church in general, we know you’ll have other questions, and we’ve tried to answer those below. 

Good to Know!

Our service starts at 10:30 a.m. and includes singing, prayer and scripture, followed by an expository sermon. The sermon is normally 40-45 minutes long, and we dismiss before noon. On the first Sunday of each month, we practice open communion, meaning any believer-lover-follower of the Lord Jesus is welcome to take it with us.

Yes! PHBC loves kids. Kids of any age are welcome to sit with their families for the entirety of our worship service.

For families looking for age-appropriate programs during the worship service, we have those too!

Young kids, ages 0-4, are cared for in our main-level nursery area. Parents of nursery kids can check them in and drop them off before the service starts or at any time during the service. 

Older students, ages Kindergarten-5th grade, start in the main worship service with their families. Before the sermon, they are dismissed to the foyer area and led to the second floor of the church for Children's Worship. Parents can check in older children before service begins or when they are dismissed for Children's Worship.

After service, to pick up your child (of any age), simply return to the check-in station and we’ll reunite you with your child(ren). Make sure to keep the "ticket" you received when checking your child in, which will match your child's nametag. This keeps the process as smooth as possible and your kiddos as safe as possible.

Learn more about our children's ministry here or, listen to a quick overview of what Sunday morning with kiddos looks like from Pastor Seth. 



We have a diverse congregation, and you will see that in the styles of dress. The pastor normally preaches in a collared shirt. On any given Sunday, you will see a suit and tie, jeans and a t-shirt and other styles in-between. (When the Chiefs play, there's a lot of red.)

Several members come from other parts of the world, and they will typically wear the traditional dress of their country of origin on holidays.

Our encouragement to you: come as you are, and know that we are glad to have you worship with us.

Pastor Philip and a fantastic volunteer team lead us in worship each Sunday morning. We sing a blend of hymns and contemporary songs each Sunday. The staff chooses songs that are Biblical and theologically sound that encourage us in Christ and direct our hearts and minds to praise and reflect on God and God's Word.

We feel you. Yes! In fact, two options!

PHBC partners with Eleos Coffee in Northeast Kansas City and serves their coffee from our coffee bar on Sunday mornings. (Read more about Eleos at http://eleoscoffee.com/)

If you want to pick your own, we also have a Keurig located in our Cafe (down the hall from the front entrance.)

Finding the Front Door

Our building is set so that the main entrance is not visible from Highway 9. Once you pull into the parking lot, it's easy enough to find. Several handicap parking spots are available near both the main and nursery entrances.

If you have young children, we recommend coming to the North entrance, which is right by the nursery & Children's Worship check-in counter.